Business is Underway!

With a little trepidation, but a lot of excitement, the launch of my company 'Absolute Sports Academies' has begun. Developing the love of sport in children is a favourite past time of mine because I get to see those kids develop a confidence, fitness and overall more enjoyment and satisfaction of their life because of the benefits that sport gives them.

There is no competition here, no loser as such. Participation is about improving themself and having fun at whatever level they are at - from beginner to advanced our aim is to help the child improve to where they want to be, and have fun doing it! In this way everyone is a winner!

So parents find an academy or clinic near you. If I haven't got one I will help you find one.

Schools/Clubs go ahead and contact me, I will orgnise whatever sport you want for your venue, to help those in your care, and any other children who wish to participate!

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